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söndag 22 november 2015

Alone or connected?

About being connected or not, and taking things for granted.
It´s sunday morning in Bogota, I just got back after a +30 hour "trip". 
To be without electricity, without knowing it beforehand. 

It rained very heavy the day before yesterday, not for very long but enough to create problems. In this block we lost the electricity. 
And its one thing to be without electricity if you can prepare, but when it happens surprise style - it´s something else.
Well my devices with recharging batteries where very surprised, not prepared at all, so my mobile died first. And without electricity, is also without internet... And my computer battery was down to 9 %.
An interesting experience. About being alone and loneliness, and how I spend time. Because having this little technological device and to be able to communicate is important to me - even if I don't do it all the time - the possibility is there. Now it was not there during +30 hours, and I got to feel how the lack of this feels. Seeing how me and many others take things for granted.
This reminded me of being here 1987 - and what I feel is that there has been a huge change. The change is not local. The change is internet and communication.
And as I´m writing - right now - the electricity goes away again. The connection I just had with hole world is gone - again. The change I noticed is gone. The possibility I just had, to talk to my daughter in Stockholm or son in Tokyo is gone. The possibility to write this and share with you - is not here at the moment. So I will have to save this and wait for the technology to get repaired.

The computer got a small regarche, to 32 %… 
Good thing that most stoves here are energized with gas, so cooking will not be affected and I will get my café con leche and morning arepas :-)

(40 min later the electricity is back...)

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