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söndag 7 juni 2015

Why Lesbos?

June 17 I will take off. Leave Sweden and the life I have lived here. I will step in to a dance with life - to see what it has to offer. Until September I will be surrounded by warm weather, the Mediterranean - or more precise - I will stay on the island named Lesbos. My idea right now is that I will stay there to the middle of September - when I leave for the ISTA core gathering on an other greek island. After that I will go to Japan, to visit my son, and to explore the japaneese culture and life. So one major reason for Japan is obvious, but why Lesbos? Several people has asked me - so here I will lay it out.

This will be my 4th visit to that island, and to the same place. To the small village Eressos, on the south west part of the island. It's an island that probably is most famous for a woman who is supposed to have lived there around 600 B.C. Her name was Sappho and was a great poet in her own time, and it is said that she, just like me, liked women. If you don't know how the word lesbian came to be - it comes from the name of an old ancient Greek dialect - Lesbian - that Sappho, amongst many others, used in that time.
So in that there are a few important factors on answering the question: Why Lesbos? Women, art, the weather - and also the policy of not turning the island in to a tourist-spot, like other greek islands (Rhodes and Mykonos).

But the major reason is that there is a retreat called Osho Afroz, and thats a place where I spent 3 summers together with my ex-wife Charlotte, working as assistants to two wonderful and very skillfull Osho therapists, Premartha & Swarup. So this retreat, situated among olive trees and surrounded by volcanic mountains and low hills will be my home during this summer.
It's a very special place. Simple, a bit chaotic, very loving, in many ways very greek, and in end it all comes together in a very beautiful way.  They offer many different groups and processes, and the visitors come from all over the world.

So, after a lot of un-rewarded work during 2014, going through a divorce, selling our house and dealing with the question: Where am I going to live and work?
 The answer came to me one night: Dance with life, and start it all in Afroz and on the island Lesbos.

I will do some work there as a volunteer and also give sessions - just like I have done here in Sweden.
And I'm also exploring the possibility to do some kind of events in the nearby village, Skala-Eressos. A small village located next to the sea and with one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean. And I know that I will meet a lot of interesting and life-embracing people, and in those meetings magic might happen, new doors and opportunities will open up. And I will not have any strings attached - holding me back - but my own imaginary ones...

So - if you still are making up your plans for this summer - check it out - it will be a great experience, probably a major event in your life. A friend, whom we recommended to go there, later said: Why didn't you tell me this before?!!! At the moment I know a couple of persons coming down from Sweden - and there is space for more. And when you get there we will have a chance to hang out, have fun, have a good laugh, enjoy and explore what life has to offer.

Now, any questions on: Why Lesbos?

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